After our successful first workshop in March 2022, we, the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence and the Chair of Automotive Technology, together with our industry partner Fujitsu, held our second workshop on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Accountability: “Risk Management and Responsibility Assessment” in June 2022. We discussed current issues regarding responsibility attribution during the Artificial Intelligence life cycle, with a focus on risk management. Reseachers on this project are: Ellen Hohma, Rainer Trauth and Auxane Boch.

What we did:
The aim of this interactive online event was to mutually share experiences on today’s problems and issues for AI accountability and risk management techniques. We therefore discussed with practitioners (in expert groups) different scenarios and the relationship between risk mitigation and responsibility assessment. The overall goal was to identify the responsible stakeholders at different points of the AI life cycle, and what tools exist to support them.

About us:
The workshop was organized by two institutions from TUM, forming an interdisciplinary team with social and technical expertise. The Chair of Automotive Technology deals with cutting edge technology for the future of vehicles and mobility systems. The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence addresses the question of how AI can meet societal needs with an ethical mindset. Together with our industry partner, Fujitsu, we have set ourselves the goal of creating an accountability framework defining the AI’s requirements for their approval on the European and global market.

The outcome of this workshop is publicly available and can be found here.