The Workshop on AI, Regulation, and Decision Making took place in Paris on 27.06.2023 and was organized by ENS-PSL in association with PRAIRIE. The event featured three speakers who presented their insights on various topics related to AI and decision-making. Anita Burgun from Université Paris Cité, HEGP, and Necker Hospital discussed “Augmented intelligence vs AI to support health decision making.” The talk explored the role of AI in healthcare decision-support systems. A working paper on “The impact of decision-support systems on humans’ ethical decision-making” was presented by our researcher, Franziska Poszler,  highlighting the findings on how AI-enabled decision-support systems influence ethical decision-making at individual and societal levels. Thierry Poibeau from CNRS & ENS-PSL gave a talk on “Some comments on the notion of bias in AI,” discussing the concept of bias in artificial intelligence. The event also featured an open discussion between Prof. Christoph Lütge and Thierry Poibeau, focusing on the regulation of AI, including the EU AI Act and its implications for innovation.
In addition to the workshop, an internal UTEM project meeting took place to plan future joint research studies and workshops.