The Responsible AI Forum

The Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence seeks to contribute to the broader conversations and concerns surrounding ethics and AI. We believe that Artificial Intelligence is a global challenge, so is AI Ethics. That is why we decided to organize The Responsible AI Forum (#TRAIF2021), an international conference for everyone interested in this field.

The Responsible AI Forum took place from December 6 to December 8 and was the highlight of 2021. We welcomed top experts from industry, civil society, government and academia, joining us from all over the world. We exchanged views on the most relevant and pressing issues related to the responsible use of AI through shared stories, cutting edge research and practical applications. We addressed ethical issues associated with the development, use, and impact of AI-enabled technologies. And of course, we stressed the importance of AI ethics and the need for responsible use of AI. It was an absolute pleasure having so many people joining us virtually from different counties and time zones. Each and everyone’s contribution was important.

Here, you can find the recordings of the five main stage panels as well as the parallel sessions with over 30 different topics presented by about 100 scholars and practitioners. Self-select and dive into the topics of your particular interest in more detail. Session topics include AI and its connection to human rights, its impact on health and sustainability, AI fairness and bias, implications of autonomous weapons, practical application examples of AI ethics, the current status of EU regulation of AI and many more.