Academic Publications

Here you can find a selection of important publications from our IEAI affiliated researchers related to AI Ethics.

“Digitization and Business Ethics”
by Christoph Lütge, Matthias Uhl, Raphael Max, Alexander Kriebitz (eds), Springer, 2022

“Ethics of AI-Enabled Recruiting and Selection: A Review and Research Agenda”
by Anna Lena Hunkenschroer, Christoph Lütge, Springer, 2022

“How prosocial is moral courage?”
by Julia Sasse, Mengyao Li, Anna Baumert, forthcoming in: Current Opinion in Psychology, 2022

“International Cooperation on Artificial Intelligence – A Problem Statement”
by Alexander Kriebitz, Christoph Lütge in: Turkish Policy Quarterly, 2022

“`Proof under reasonable doubt´: Ambiguity of the Norm Violation as Boundary Condition of Third-Party Punishment”
by Daniel Toribio-Flórez, Julia Sasse, Anna Baumert, in: Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 2022

“Vigilância e Relações de Poder – O Uso de Tecnologias de Reconhecimento Facial e Identificação Biométrica a Distância em Espaço Público e Impactos na Vida Pública”
by Ana Catarina Fontes, Christoph Lütge in: Direito Público, 2022

“Advanced Statistical Analysis of large-scale Web-based Data. In: Data and Economics and Finance for Decision Makers”
by Wienke Strathern, Raji Gawi, Jürgen Pfeffer, in: Per Nymand-Andersen (Ed.), pp. 99–128, Risk Books, London, 2021

“AI4People: Ethical Guidelines for the Automotive Sector–Fundamental Requirements and Practical Recommendations”
by Christoph Lütge, Franziska Poszler, Aida Joaquin Acosta, Gail Gottehrer, Lucian Mihet-Popa, Aisha Naseer, in: Int. J. Technoethics, 12(1), 101-125, 2021

“Are your Friends also Haters? Identification of Hater Networks on Social Media (Data Paper)”
by Maximilian Wich, Melissa Breitinger, Wienke Strathern, Marlena Naimarevic, Georg Groh, Jürgen Pfeffer, in: WWW’21: Companion Proceedings of the Web Conference 2021 (pp. 481–485), 2021

“Autonomous Driving Ethics: from Trolley Problem to Ethics of Risk”
by Maximilian Geisslinger, Franziska Poszler, Johannes Betz, Christoph Lütge, Markus Lienkamp, in: Philos. Technol, 2021

“Autonomous systems in ethical dilemmas”
by Anja Bodenschatz, Matthias Uhl, Gari Walkowitz, in: Computers in human behavior reports, 2021(4), 2021

“Dictator game variants with probabilistic (and cost-saving) payoffs: A systematic test”
by Gari Walkowitz, 2021

“Heidegger, Digitalisierung und Künstliche Intelligenz: wo steht der Mensch?”
by Christoph Lütge, in: Harald Seubert (ed): Heidegger und die Philosophie der planetarischen Technik, Schriftenreihe der Martin-Heidegger-Gesellschaft Band 13, Freiburg: Alber 2021.

“How To Improve Fairness Perceptions of AI in Hiring: The Crucial Role of Positioning and Sensitization”
by Anna Lena Hunkenschroer and Christoph Lütge, 2021

“Incentivizing research & innovation with agrobiodiversity conserved in situ: Possibilities and limitations of a blockchain-based solution”
by Mrinalini Kochupillai, Ulrich Gallersdörfer, Julia Köninger, Roman Beck, in: Journal of Cleaner Production, 309, 127155, 2021

“Manure management and soil biodiversity: Towards more sustainable food systems in the EU”
by Julia Köninger, Emanuele Lugato, Panos Panagos, Mrinalini Kochupillai, Alberto Orgiazzi, Maria J.I. Briones, in: Agricultural Systems, 194, 103251, 2021

“Personaleinsatzplanung in der Logistik”
by Charlotte Haid, Charlotte Unruh, Isabel Pröger, Johannes Fottner, Tim Büthe, in: Zeitschrift für wirtschaftlichen Fabrikbetrieb, 116(12), 908-912, 2021

“People Prefer Moral Discretion to Fair Algorithms: Algorithm Aversion Beyond Intransparency”
by Johanna Jauernig, Matthias Uhl, Gari Walkowitz, 2021

“The AI Localism Canvas: A Framework to Assess the Emergence of Governance of AI within Cities”
by Stefaan Verhulst, Andrew Young, Mona Sloan, in: Informationen Zur Raumentwicklung, 48(3), 86–89, 2021

“Against the Others! Detecting Moral Outrage in Social Media Networks”
by Wienke Strathern, Mirco Schoenfeld, Raji Ghawi, Juergen Pfeffer, in: 2020 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) (pp. 322-326), IEEE, 2020

“Artificial Intelligence and Human Rights: A Business Ethical Assessment”
by Alexander Kriebietz and Christoph Lütge, 2020

“Ethische und rechtliche Herausforderungen des autonomen Fahrens”
by Christoph Lütge, Alexander Kriebitz, Raphael Max, in: Klaus Mainzer (ed.), Philosophisches Handbuch Künstliche Intelligenz, Springer, 2020

“ICIS 2019 SIGHCI Workshop Panel Report: Human–Computer Interaction Challenges and Opportunities for Fair, Trustworthy and Ethical Artificial Intelligence”
by Lionel P. Robert Jr., Gaurav Bansal, and Christoph Lütge, 2020

“Künstliche Intelligenz und maschinelles Lernen in der intensivmedizinischen Forschung und klinischen Anwendung”
by Arne Peine, Franziska Poszler, Christoph Lütge, Leo Celi, Oliver Schöffski, Gernot Marx, Lukas Martin, forthcoming in: Anästhesiologie & Intensivmedizin 2020

“Programming away Human Rights and Responsibilities? The Moral Machine Experiment and the need for a more ‘Humane’ AVs Future”
by Mrinalini Kochupillai, Christoph Lütge, Franziska Poszler, in: NanoEthics, 2020

“There is not Enough Business Ethics in the Ethics of Digitization”
by Christoph Lütge, in: Joanne B. Ciulla; Tobey Scharding (eds.), Ethical Business Leadership in Troubling Times, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar 2020, S. 280-295.

White Paper on AI Ethics and Governance: “Building a Connected, Intelligent and Ethical World”
by Christoph Lütge (Chair for Business Ethics at TUM and director of the TUM IEAI) and Research Team, 2020

“AI4People — An Ethical Framework for a Good AI Society: Opportunities, Risks, Principles, and Recommendations”
in: Minds & Machines, Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, 2018

“Key Ethical Challenges in the European Medical Information Framework”
in: Minds and Machines, Journal for Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, 2018

“The German Ethics Code for Automated and Connected Driving”
in: Philosophy & Technology, a journal addressing the expanding scope and unprecedented impact of technologies, 2017

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An Introduction to Ethics in AI and Robotics (German original title: Ethik in KI und Robotik) has been published as Open Access book in August 2020!

An Introduction to Ethics in Robotics and AI by Springer Nature Publications

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Ethik in KI und Robotik (English title: An Introduction to Ethics in AI and Robotics) was published in October 2019 by these four distinguished authors.

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Christoph BartneckUniversity of Canterbury
Christoph LütgeTechnical University of Munich
Alan WagnerPennsylvania State University
Sean WelshUniversity of Canterbury

The English version is currently under review,
The German version is published by Hanser Publications