Researcher Konstantin Riedl participated at the Mathematical and Scientific Machine Learning Conference (MSML21). The conference is centered around promoting the study of mathematical theory and algorithms of machine learning, as well as the applications of machine learning in scientific computing and engineering disciplines.

The conference was hosted by the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) and consisted of two plenary lectures as well as eight spotlight presentation sessions on topics ranging from statistical learning theory to algorithms and applications of machine learning. In addition, two workshops on computational mathematics and physics were organized.

In this conference, Mr. Riedl was able to present his cutting edge research on mathematical modeling of the formation and dynamics of opinions in large groups of interacting people on social media. Moreover, this conference was a great opportunity to exchange ideas with the communities of machine learning, applied mathematics & computational science and engineering in such a fast-growing field of research.

For more information you can visit the conferences’ website here.