Co-designing a Risk-Assessment Dashboard for AI Ethics Literacy in EdTech2023-01-02T14:26:48+01:00

Co-designing a Risk-Assessment Dashboard for AI Ethics Literacy in EdTech

Various AI-based technologies are entering the world of education (“AI EdTech”) at an accelerating pace. The introduction of AI EdTech promises to improve learning. However, initial case studies reveal significant ethical and legal risks ranging from bias to privacy threats. Decision-makers struggle to manage these risks systematically and holistically, given the lack of best practice guidance and specific legislation. To fill this gap and foster AI ethics literacy, this project’s principal focus is to develop practical guidance for decision-makers to help them navigate through the process of ethical decision-making in applying AI EdTech. Guided by a set of interdisciplinary research questions, the project works with iterative and agile design-based methods. It will work with current decision-makers to evaluate outcomes through qualitative and quantitive approaches. The expected results are

(1) a tailored risk management framework for assessing risks in AI EdTech,

(2) an AI EdTech Dashboard for qualified engagement with AI EdTEch education scenarios (“vignettes”), functionalities, and ethical/legal risks, and

(3) a design guide for AI ethics literacy.

The project’s impact will contribute to AI ethics literacy relevant to intersectional audiences.

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Principle Investigators

Urs Gasser
Urs GasserTUM School of Social Sciences and Governance
Anna Keune
Anna KeuneTUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
Matthias Grabmair
Matthias GrabmairTUM School of Computation, Information and Technology

External Partner

Lis SylvanThe Berkman Klein Center for Internet & Society at Harvard University

Research Associate

Wienke StrathernTUM School of Social Sciences and Technology
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