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The biggest cited risks of AI are that it will ruin our society, take all our jobs, increase inequality, or in the extreme, cause the extinction of humans. On the other hand, it is also being predicted that AI-augmented human intelligence can solve our most pressing problems in medicine, technology, climate change, interplanetary travel and unleash a new era of scientific breakthroughs and artistic creativity.

The stakes are high, risks are real but there is also a lot of promise! Through a series of discussions within the panel, we will attempt to distill the current state and progress of AI in various areas and how each of us can have a voice in the direction for the most beneficial outcomes.

This event will be held both online and in person and will have an interactive format that will allow each participant to give feedback and opinion on future guidelines proposed by civil 20.


Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge
Christoph Lütge studied business informatics and philosophy. He took his PhD at TU Braunschweig in 1999 and his habilitation at LMU Munich in 2005. He was awarded a Heisenberg Fellowship in 2007. Since 2010, he holds the Chair in Business Ethics at TUM, and since 2019, he is also the Director of the TUM Institute for Ethics in AI. Most recent books: “An Introduction to Ethics in Robotics and AI” (Springer, 2020, with coauthors) and “Business Ethics: an Economically Informed Perspective” (Oxford University Press, 2021, with M. Uhl). In 2020, Lütge was appointed Distinguished Visiting Professor of Tokyo University. He has also held visiting positions at Harvard, Pittsburgh, Taipei, Kyoto and Venice. He is a member of the Scientific Board of the European AI Ethics initiative AI4People as well as of the German Ethics Commission on Automated and Connected Driving.

Yasmin A.
Highly motivated graduate student and business program manager with a strong background in politics and technology. Focusing on AI ethics and regulation of emerging technologies and currently concluding a M.Sc. in “Politics & Technology” from the Technical University Munich. Appointed Landecker Democracy Fellow 22/23 and currently building the Responsible Technology Hub as a Co-Director.

Michael Neumayr



Ms. Nandini Shah
Ms. Nandini has an academic background in Engineering and Computer Science. After graduating from University of Southern California, she worked at tech startups in Los Angeles in the 2000s, using her knowledge on VLDBs (Very Large Databases) and multimedia databases to enable data processing and analytics at scale. In 2010 she relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area where she continued her professional journey in companies spanning multiple industry domains (Fin-tech, Ad-Tech, Retail-tech, social-media and more), leading teams that built the big data systems for real-time & predictive analytics and AI/ML modelling & algorithm development. Her corporate roles often sat at the intersection of data, engineering and product with many business decisions relying heavily on commoditizing data as a key asset for profitability. Realising the sheer volume of data and the ease of access to such data, she focused her attention on mentoring teams to create processes to handle data responsibly. She has successfully hired and integrated researchers with diverse backgrounds in traditional engineering & data teams, to reduce bias in datasets, thus enabling development of ML models that are more inclusive of larger sections of society. To continue expanding her own global perspective, in 2022 Nandini relocated to Berlin, Germany where she currently leads the Engineering department for a Medical education tech startup. She is very active in the Berlin tech community through conferences, meetups, podcast appearances, NGO volunteering and continues her advocacy for data ethics to future data leaders and professionals.

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