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With its Speaker Series, the TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence invites experts from all over the world to talk about ethics and governance of AI. These events serve as an important platform for sharing new research and exchanging knowledge.

We are pleased to announce that the speaker for this session is Rafael A. Calvo from Imperial College London.

Rafael A. Calvo is Professor and Director of Research at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, Imperial College London. He is also co-lead at the Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence, and co-editor of the IEEE Transactions on Technology and Society. He is director of the Wellbeing Technology Lab that focuses on the design of systems that support wellbeing in areas of mental health, medicine and education. He is a keen player in the push for more ethical technology design, and is the recipient of five teaching awards, and published four books and over 200 articles in the fields of HCI, wellbeing-supportive design, learning technologies, affective computing, and computational intelligence.

The topic of this session will be “Value Tensions in the Design Engineering of Intelligent Systems”.

“As researchers who “make things”, we like to focus on the positive impact that our work has on the world, and we occasionally look at its unintended consequences. But what we rarely do is ask “what are the values by which we judge the systems we create?”. I discuss an “archaeology of AI” from Weizenbaum’s ELIZA chatbot (1966) to today’s chatGTP, and how the inconclusive debates in psychology and philosophy at the dawn of AI still rage through our work designing intelligent systems. In this talk I will be reflecting on the ethical considerations that arise from our intelligent systems research and how I have personally attempted to address the corresponding tensions.
This is not a talk on ethics, but rather a personal, and therefore partial, description of the dilemmas faced when looking at the ”big picture” impact of our work.” – Rafael A. Calvo

This session of the TUM IEAI Speaker Series will take place on June15th, 2023 in person at Hochschule für Politik, Richard-Wagner-Straße 1, 80333 Munich, Room B.158 (TUM Think Tank).

This event is being photographed and/or video recorded for archival, educational, and related promotional purposes. We also video stream many of these video recordings through the IEAI website. By attending or participating in this event, you are giving your consent to be photographed and/or video recorded and you are waiving any and all claims regarding the use of your image by the Institute of Ethics in Artificial Intelligence. The IEAI, at its discretion, may provide a copy of the photos/footage upon written request.

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