IEAI announces winners of the 2020 Call for Proposals for multi-disciplinary research on Ethics of the use of AI to manage Pandemics and Health-related Crises

In an effort to expand the scope of research on AI and its use in health related crises, and to further promote the Global AI Ethics Consortium, the IEAI will support four new research projects starting this fall with a total of €400,000 in funding. All projects are multidisciplinary and involve a collaboration between professors at TUM and professors and researchers at other universities. The projects are short term in nature (1-year), with a focus on providing insights to developers and policymakers considering the use of AI to manage the current COVID-19 pandemic, as well as prepare for future scenarios. In order to ensure the applied nature of the project results, each project also has external projects partners in industry, at policy institutions, or in government. The projects cover a range of topics related to the responsible use of AI to manage pandemics and health related crisis. The projects to be funded include (click to see more information):

In addition, the IEAI will also directly carry out a 1-year project on Ethics and the Use of AI in Managing Pandemics – A Comparative Approach with its GAIEC partners. This project will examine the varying use of AI in the current pandemic across regions and contexts to develop guidelines and lessons learned and create practical outputs in terms of guidance and frameworks to build capacity for the public, policy makers and technology developers going forward.

We are excited to welcome our new affiliated professors, external partners, and related researchers to the IEAI team. Please follow us to stay up to date on their progress and findings!

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash