Nikolaus Pöchhacker has joined the Trust MLRegulation project. He is a PhD student in the Digital/Media/Lab at MCTS, Technical University of Munich, where he is researching the relationship between social order and algorithmic systems in various domains, bringing together perspectives from Media Theory, STS, and Sociology.

Additionally, he is working on inventive digital methods in the field of STS, he has held several talks together with project PI Dr. Jan Passoth regarding various topics, including the problem of adaptivity in machine learning and on the sociological reflection of the process of regulation and the governance of machine learning by institutions.

Moreover, he has co-authored the following papers: Interventionen in die Produktion algorithmischer Öffentlichkeiten: Recommender Systeme als Herausforderung für öffentlich-rechtliche Sendeanstalten (Interventions in the production of algorithmic public spheres: Recommender Systems as a Challenge for Public Service Broadcasters), 2017, and the Algorithmische Vorschlagsysteme und der Programmauftrag: Zwischen Datenwissenschaft, journalistischem Anspruch und demokratiepolitischer Aufgabe (Algorithmic proposal systems and the Program mission: Between data science, journalistic demands and democratic political tasks), 2018.