Paper presentation at ASONAM Conference

On 10 December 2020 the researcher Wienke Strathern presented the paper “Against the others! Detecting Moral Outrage in Social Media Networks” at this year’s ASONAM Conference. This is an international conference series on Advances in Social Network Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) and provides an interdisciplinary venue that brings together researchers and practitioners from a variety of disciplines.

The paper presented is co-authored by Wienke Strathern, Raji Ghawi, Mirco Schönfeld and Jürgen Pfeffer. The authors explored the outbreak of online firestorms on Twitter. They used data from twitter to investigate the starting points of several firestorm outbreaks. The paper aims to determine whether it is possible to detect the outbreak of a firestorm. Is there a changing point? How can the features that cause moral outrage be distinguished? In order to examine such challenges the researchers have developed a method to detect the point of change that systematically individuates linguistic cues contained in the tweets. This work is fundamental for detecting the pattern of the spread of negative dynamics and could help individuals, companies and governments to mitigate hate in social media networks.