Research on the ethical aspects of Artificial Intelligence

TUM and Fujitsu launch new collaboration

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in everyday life not only represents a technical challenge, it also raises a number of ethical questions. The TUM Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence (IEAI) addresses these questions and will be assisted in the future by Japanese technology company Fujitsu.

The objective of the new partnership is to drive the debate regarding the transparency, accountability and traceability of AI. In the collaboration the IEAI will conduct multidisciplinary research in order to develop concrete solutions for practical difficulties relating to AI.

IEAI Director Prof. Christoph Lütge comments, “I believe that accountability is a crucial aspect. If companies have a clear idea of accountability for AI systems and the results the systems produce, they will be more eager to implement them. Accountability, transparency and explicability are probably the most critical issues right now to move AI forward. Therefore I believe that this partnership could not have come at a better time.”

The head of the Fujitsu research center for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence, Dr. Daisuke Fukuda, says: “Fujitsu is excited about the opportunity to partner with TUM and the IEAI on the topic of AI ethics. Independent academic research on the responsible use of AI is vital to creating a sustainable framework for technological development. Through this partnership, we are confident that we will be able to gain advanced technology in AI ethics, which is essential for global AI business.”

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