On February 26th, ANDRE researcher Franziska Poszler attended the wrap-up event of the “DiVA – Gesellschaftlicher Dialog zum vernetzten und automatisierten Fahren“ project  (Social dialogue on connected and automated driving) at the DLR in Berlin. The DiVA research project was conducted by the Institute of Transport Research – DLR. The aim of the projects was to analyze the possible effects of automated and connected driving and develop a concept for social dialogue in the future. Because of this focus, the event was particularly relevant to the goals of the ANDRE project and Ms. Poszler’s research. A keynote speech by Prof. Dr. Barbara Lenz, Head of the DLR, kicked off the event, followed by a presentation of the final project results. After that, the participants were divided into three groups and entered a dialogue on different topics: (1) acceptance and systemic effects of traffic, (2) Germany as a location for business and innovation, and (3) circumstances and implementation. The aim of these group discussion was to identify respective challenges and develop possible solutions.