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A sneak peek into how the IEAI and its partners are promoting a sustainable, inclusive and comprehensive
framework for the use of AI that delivers global benefit.

To ensure the safety and well-being of our speakers and attendees, we decided to move The Responsible AI Forum (TRAIF) to 7-9 June 2021, but that does not mean we cannot give you a captivating teaser of what is to come. In our  virtual TRAIF Preview on 12 and 13 November 2020, we will share with you the IEAI’s current research on AI ethics as well as expert panels on responsible use of AI in managing pandemics and the opportunities and challenges of AI in Africa. These sessions will be held in close cooperation with the Global AI Ethics Consortium and the Responsible AI Network-Africa.

The year 2020, not least through the COVID-19 pandemic, has proven that responsible, transparent and accountable use of AI is already an inevitable necessity to solve critical issues around the world. International collaboration will be just as vital as technical and interdisciplinary expertise. The TRAIF Preview will provide a glimpse into how the IEAI is playing its part through research, by connecting experts around the globe and, of course, through hosting TRAIF 2021.


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The TRAIF Preview is virtual and free of charge. More information about the programme and speakers to come!