Building Strategic Partnerships to Understand Ethics and the Use of AI to Manage Health Related Crises

Two case studies on AI-enabled technologies employed to monitor, respond to and manage individuals or populations deemed at risk

Project timeline

October 2020                                                                                                                                                          April 2022

October 2020                                 December 2021

Connected Globe; Image Credit: Gerd Altmann at Pixabay

The COVID-19 pandemic has made it abundantly clear that international cooperation and knowledge sharing are of the upmost importance to maintaining global public health. As the TUM’s strategic partnership initiative articulates “No single university or country can master today’s scientific challenges on its own.” To this end the IEAI will carry out research on the use of AI the manage pandemics and crises with our Global AI Ethics Consortium (GAIEC) partners AND TUM strategic partners, the University of Tokyo and Imperial College of Science and Technology and Medicine (Imperial College London).

The year long project focuses on the use of AI-enabled technologies employed to monitor, respond to and manage individuals or populations deemed at risk. We will investigate two case studies, (1) the ethics of the use of AI in smart city technologies employed during crises (with the University of Tokyo) and (2) ethics of the use of AI in adaptive data driven health surveillance (with Imperial College London). Effective mechanisms for communication and education on the ethical challenges of these technologies will also be a priority of the research. The result of this research will be presented in a workshop to coincide with the Responsible AI Forum in Summer 2021, introducing implementable guidelines for policymakers. However, the longer-term goal of this one-year project is to build a foundation for and to facilitate increased and meaningful cooperation between the IEAI/TUM strategic partners in the area of AI ethics and healthcare.

Research Outputs:

Assessing Fairness in AI-enabled Public Health Surveillance

Ethics of surveillance: harnessing the use of live facial recognition technologies in public spaces for law enforcemen

TRAIF – Parallel Session: AI & Covid-19

Vigilância e Relações de Poder – O Uso de Tecnologias de Reconhecimento Facial e Identificação Biométrica a Distância em Espaço Público e Impactos na Vida Pública

News & Updates

Principal Investigators

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lütge

Prof. Christoph Lütge –  TUM School of Governance


Prof. Dr. Rafael A. Calvo – Dyson School of Design Engineering

Imperial College London

Prof. Kan Hiroshi Suzuki – Graduate School of Public Policy

University of Tokyo

Prof. Dr. Ken Ito – Interfaculty initiative in Information Studies

University of Tokyo

Dr. Caitlin Corrigan

Caitlin Corrigan, PhD – Institute for Ethics in Artificial Intelligence


Applied Partners


  • Ellen Hohma, MSc, IEAI, TUM
  • Ana Catarina Fontes, PhD, IEAI, TUM